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How do I use my Control Panel ?

1. Getting Started at Websites Downunder
New Websites Downunder accounts receive a Getting Started email that contains your username and password. This page is a summary of the information that we send out in case you lost the email.

Your new website will be accessable through http://www.yourname.com and http://yourname.com.

Control Panel
To access your control panel goto http://YourName.com/cpanel

Web Mail
To access web mail for your domain goto http://YourName.com/webmail

DNS Propogation
It could take up to 5 days for the dns server changes you made to your domain to reach the whole internet. Until this time, you can view your website at: http://www.websitesdownunder.com.au/~UserName (where UserName is the one we assigned to you and sent out in your welcome email)

You can get to your control panel by following this link: http://www.websitesdownunder.com.au and using the logon area on this page. Just use the username and password supplied in your welcome email.


2. FTP Help
To access your account via FTP we recommend you use a program like WS_FTP, But you can also use Internet Explorer's built in FTP functionality by going to ftp://yourdomain.com

Host: ftp.YourDomain.com  (or FTP to
Username: YourUserName
Password: YourPassWord
Port: 21

FTP Users
If you add additional FTP users to your account through the (Account Settings -> Ftp Manager) their login information will be as follows:

Host: ftp.YourDomain.com
Username: User@YourDomain.com
Password: UsersPassword
Port: 21
It is important to note the @YourDomain.com on the end of the UserName


3. Email Help
Web Mail is accessable from http://YourDomain.com/webmail from any place that has internet access.

Outlook Express Configuration
CPanel comes with a nice outlook express auto-configuration utility. Log into your control panel and click mail menu -> add/remove Email Accounts to use this functionality.

Manual Configuration:

1.     Goto Tools -> Accounts

2.     Click Add -> Mail

3.     Enter your name and click Next

4.     Enter your new email address, (ex: wade@mydomain.com)

5.     Select whether you would like to use POP3 or IMAP. If you are not sure, choose POP3

6.     Enter mail.YourDomain.com for your incoming and smtp.YourDomain.com for your outgoing mail server. (YourDomain needs to be your real domain name)

7.     For the username, enter your full email address and then the password that you were assigned.

8.     Check the "Remember Password" box if you don't want to enter your password every time you check your email.

9.     Cick Next then click Finish. Close All Windows

10.    To finish, go back to Tools -> Accounts

11.    Click the mail account you just added and click Properties.

12.    Click the Servers Tab.
         At the bottom, check "My server requires authentication"

Thats it!


4. Name Servers
The following Name Servers must be used when you host your site with Websites Downunder. If we do not control your domain name you MUST supply the following Name Servers to your Domain Name Registrar.

Name Servers

NS1          ns1.websitesdownunder.net

NS2          ns2.websitesdownunder.net


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